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Terms & Conditions

A legal disclaimer

Terms & Conditions - For all readers/buyers of the books.

1. If you wish to return the purchased book, the payment amount will not be refunded. If any of these situations happen to you then the amount will be refunded in full - the book is not sent to you, the courier is not able to reach you, the order has been placed due to lack of stock.

2. You will be blocked from the site for making abusive/obscene comments.

3. For any problem related to order, you can call on 0121-4003485. The publication can also be contacted at

4. The book will be delivered within 7 to 10 days. Sometimes there is a delay in reaching the book due to various reasons. You have to keep cooperating with the publication in this.

Terms & Conditions - For writers

Along with the dispatch/acceptance of the manuscript, each author has to accept the following conditions along with the contract:

1. It is not the absolute right of any author that after sending the manuscript, his book must be published.

2. The publication has every right to refuse to publish your book.

3.The author has to deal with the publication in moderation. The publication is free to take action against the author at its discretion on any kind of unnecessary / false / malicious remarks.

4. For any kind of question/suggestion/problem, the author can contact by calling 0121-4003485. The publication can also be contacted on the email or

5. For any doubts, get the solution by contacting on the above, do not say later that they did not know about this subject. The publication doesn't have to tell you everything without asking.

6. Any point of the contract may be changed or a new point may be added from time to time depending on the time/situation. You will get the information about this by mail. You will be required to accept the new agreement in order to be associated with the publication. If you do not agree to that new agreement, you may withdraw from publication/discontinue use of the Products and Services before these Terms come into force. In this situation the publication will not be entitled to pay you any kind of damages/money. If no action is taken by you after sending the contract, then that agreement will be considered as 'accepted'.

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